Sunday, 9 February 2014

Latte art throw down

It's saturday night, the shops are closed, the streets are buzzing with the the pre-saturday going out vibe...and one door is open to Torvehallerne, the luxury food and beverage market in Copenhagen. It´s the Coffee Collective, and it's filled with baristas from all over Copenhagen. Here it is not just Coffee Collective baristas, but cafés such as Democratic and Estate are also represented. It is a latte art show-down.  And the competition is challenging. One shot to prove your worth.

And the winner was Morten Vestenaa from Coffee Collective, Godthåbsvej. Big congrats!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Risteriet - Everything tastes better together

Now here's another little nifty café in the heart of Copenhagen.  Risteriet roast their own beans and educate their baristas over a three year period....that makes for a pretty good cup of coffee.

To find Risteriet, you need to go down Studiestræde a quaint little street behind the main shopping street in Copenhagen.  The atmosphere here conveys a slight alternative nature, and thus Risteriet is the kind of place where you may meet both busy business people stopping in for a cup of coffee, as well as, young students.

The café used to be a roastery, but the roastery closed because the location became too small.  The café therefore still sells the beans, and this is also the place to come and buy all that you need for your home coffee making center ≧◔◡◔≦
They sell everything from Bialetti espresso pots, to milk jugs and home espresso machines....not to mention freshly roasted coffee beans!

Just one more little this café price does not represent quality.

The coffee is much cheaper here than other cafés in Copenhagen, but
certainly has nothing to do with quality.  So if you're on a budget, but still need that caffine buzz, this is the place to place your pennies!

Find Risteriet here:

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Friday, 17 August 2012

Making a good espresso at home

Ever wonder if you can make a good cup of coffee at home, without having to mortgage the house?

Nothing beats hanging out in a cool café with wonderful people....BUT...sometimes it's nice to start the day with good cup of coffee, coming right at you from your own kitchen.

Now, I use one of these!  --->

I have tried the aluminium espresso makers too, but this one just seems smoother and makes a lovely cup of coffee.

But how to make that perfect cup of coffee?

I took my Espresso maker down to Coffee Collective and wacked it on the counter and asked Kim, "How on earth do I get the best out of this?"

And Kim sent me a link to The Stumptown Coffee Roasters' (from "over there") blog with the perfect instructions to making an espresso on a Moka Espresso Maker. I will thus share it with you guys:  ≧◔◡◔≦ 

Guide to making a good espresso at home

Kim says to boil the water before brewing the coffee.  This makes the water boil quicker and gives a more stable extraction which means a less bitter coffee.  Remember to wash the pot in warm water, and not use vinegar.

Last but not least, go out there and get your favourite beans to go!

Where to find the Espresso Maker??

In my hunt to do so (on a tight budget) (remember, I am spending ALL my money buying coffee at café´s in Copenhagen), I came by Kontra Coffee.

Now, I did actually try to find the 4 cup Bialetti Venus Espresso maker elsewhere in town, but was told that these are impossible to find in Copenhagen and that there is a 7 month waiting list in order to find them. So if this is the espresso maker you are looking for, hurry on down to Kontra, because there were plenty for sale there.

Kontra also has loads of  parts and other nifty little coffee instruments on hand, so if it's not this one you want, you may just find what you're looking for anyway.

Find Kontra Coffee here:

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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Kaffeplantagen - a place to be

Kaffeplantagen certainly is a very busy place.  It was filled to the brim, with a constant flow of people coming through.

Although the coffee was not one of those that you completely escape into with its demanding precency, it is a place where you can buy those things that you need in order to make your own coffee at home.

Nevertheless, the atmosphere is great. People are friendly and strangers strike up spontanous conversations with each other.  
You do get the feeling of life being lived at this café and it is a thriving place to be.  It´s worth a visit if you want to be a part of the Copenhagen scene. It is a place to be, a place to meet others and a place to observe others.

Find Kaffeplantagen here: Vis stort kort

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Message to all latte-artists

THANK YOU for making me smile everytime you give me my coffee! I really appreciate the effort.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Democratic - coffee in...the library??

Strangely enough, you are really not in doubt when you have that cup of coffee which comes close to a mind altering experience. And I do not just mean being high on a coffee buzz, but rather like going on a journey when drinking a cup of coffee.

After several whispers in the ear, I decided to follow my next lead, and find Democratic Coffee Bar. It is in the center of Copenhagen in the main library.

Now I know why people are raging about this place.  The coffee is quite an experience. Strangely though, when I arrived the smiling baristers were extremely eager to show off their homemade layer cake.  It is made as you order, so it really does not get any fresher than that.

I know that I said that the best coffee in town was at the Coffee Collective, but this place has just scored a tie. As I travel through the Copenhagen coffee scene, I do discover that there are actually several really good coffee joints around.  And this is one that must not be missed.

Find Democratic here:

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